You can find a full list of our publications here.

Our analysis code is available on GitHub.

Some recent findings

Blood-based epigenome-wide analyses of cognitive abilities. Genome Biology, 2022.
We test if brain health can be estimated by blood-based DNA methylation signatures.  This could impact studies of cognitive function across the lifespan where pen-and-paper testing is not possible or is unreliable (e.g., neurodevelopment or neurodegeneration). 
Epigenetic scores for the circulating proteome as tools for disease prediction. ELife, 2022

We show that blood-based DNA methylation can be used to approximate levels of 109 proteins. These epigenetic scores predict the incidence of multiple diseases, up to 14 years prior to diagnosis. Click here to watch Danni's summary of the paper.

MethylDetectR: a software for methylation-based health profiling. Wellcome Open Research, 2021.

A ShinyApp to project and visualise epigenetic scores (EpiScores) for complex traits in your own cohort. Click here to watch Rob's summary of the paper.

Genome-wide association studies identify 137 genetic loci for DNA methylation biomarkers of aging. Genome Biology, 2021.

A multi-ancestry GWAS meta-analysis of 4 epigenetic clocks (Horvath, Hannum, PhenoAge, GrimAge) in >40,000 individuals.

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