We are currently supported by:

R01 AG073593-01 (PI: Elliot Tucker-Drob, UTexas, Austin)                        2021 - 2026
Role: Co-Investigator
Agency: NIH: R01 Research Grant ($3.5m, 7% time commitment).
Title: Large-Scale Genomic Analysis of Aging-Related Cognitive Change Prior to Dementia Onset
Role: Principal Investigator                                                                                              2021 - 2024
Agency: Alzheimer’s Society (£288,749). 
Title: Integrated multi-omics prediction of incident Alzheimer’s disease and its risk factors.
216767/Z/19/Z (PI: David Porteous, UoE)                                                              2019 - 2024
Role: Co-Investigator (5% time commitment)                                                                               
Agency: Wellcome Trust (£4,991,663). 
Title: Generation Scotland: NextGenScot
EP/S02431X/1 (PI: Ian Simpson, UoE)                                                                       2019 - 2027
Role: CDT Executive Committee Member (10% FTE)                               
Agency: EPSRC (£6,717,598).
Title: UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Biomedical Artificial Intelligence

BB/T000813/1 (PI: Michelle Luciano, UoE)                                                            2020 - 2025
Role: Co-Investigator (1.8h per week FTE)                                                                                   
Agency: BBSRC (£790,920). 
Title: Integrated gene and brain mapping of language and reading abilities
U01 AG-18-018 (PI: Steve Horvath, UCLA)                                                          2018 - 2023
Role: Co-Investigator                                                                                           
Agency: NIH: U01 Research Grant ($3.1m, sub-award $155,358). 
Title: Validation and optimization of epigenetic clocks
Wellcome Trust Translational Neuroscience PhD 1+3 year scholarship for Danni Gadd.
University of Edinburgh and University of Helsinki 4 year PhD scholarship in Human Genomics for Yipeng Cheng
MRC Precision Medicine 3.5 year PhD scholarship for Ola Chybowska