Funding, Datasets, and Collaborators

We are currently supported by:

Alzheimer's Research UK, major project grant "Omics prediction of Alzheimer's disease", 2017 - 2020, £166,832.

NIH U01  grant "Validation and Optimization of Epigenetic Clocks", 2018-2023, PI Steve Horvath UCLA, sub-award $143,850

Wellcome Trust Translational Neuroscience PhD 1+3 year scholarships for Anna Stevenson and Rob Hillary.

The main datasets we work with are:
Our key external collaborators are:
  • Markus Ralser and Aleksej Zelezniak (Crick Institute, mass spec proteomics)
  • Simon Lovestone and Liu Shi (Oxford, DPUK SOMAscan proteomics)
  • Matt Robinson (IST Vienna, statistical methods development)
  • Peter Visscher, Naomi Wray, Allan McRae (University of Queensland, all things omics)
  • Steve Horvath (UCLA, epigenetic clocks)
  • Caroline Relton and the Epigenetic Epidemiology Team (University of Bristol, GWAS/EWAS/clocks/prediction) 
Our main local collaborators are:
  • Ian Deary and the LBC team
  • David Porteous, Caroline Hayward, Andrew McIntosh, Kathy Evans and the GS team
  • Tamir Chandra (ARCH/CHIP and epigenetic clocks)
  • Catalina Vallejos and Tim Cannings (stats methods)
  • Craig Ritchie and the PREVENT and EPAD teams
Riccardo co-supervises the following PhD students:
  • Eleanor Conole (PI Simon Cox)
  • Jure Mur (PI Tom Russ)
  • Kate Doust (PI Michelle Luciano)
  • Dan Simpson (PI Tamir Chandra)